Selling Your Home?

A Seamless Selling Experience

Your home is your most valuable asset. When it comes time to sell, working with a real estate professional who can secure top dollar efficiently and effectively is crucial. At Dawson Team, we ensure your sales experience is stress-free and profitable

7 Steps to Selling your home

1. Listing Preview and Valuation

We offer a two-step process to accurately value your home:

  • Previewing Your Home: Gathering essential information on your home’s condition and characteristics.
  • Comparative Market Analysis (CMA): Researching recent market statistics and comparable properties to determine market value.

2. Listing Consultation

Traditionally the listing consultation is a sales pitch on why you should hire that particular REALTOR®. 

  • Understand Your Needs: Discuss your goals and requirements thoroughly.
  • Educate You: Provide insights into the home selling process.
  • Guide on Pricing: Develop a strategic pricing strategy based on current market conditions.
  • Demonstrate Our Expertise: Showcase what our team can offer to ensure a successful sale.


We offer customizable à-la-carte services and flexible compensation structures to meet your specific needs.

Note: A comprehensive review of the comparative market analysis is included in our service. Should you wish to retain a copy, it is available for $2,500 + tax.

3. Preparations

Prepare your home for a successful sale:

Showroom Ready: Ensuring your home is visually appealing to attract buyers.

  • Guidance: Providing a plan and support throughout the preparation process.

4. Launching

Your listing goes live on MLS:

Marketing: Implementing effective marketing strategies to maximize exposure.

  • Showings: Being prepared and available for potential buyer visits.

5. Offers and Conditional Period

Depending on the market conditions, you may receive an offer with or without conditions.

Understanding Conditions: Conditions are clauses in the agreement that the buyer needs to fulfill within an agreed-upon timeframe (typically 5-14 days) before the sale becomes binding. These may include:

Home Inspection: The offer may be conditional upon a satisfactory home inspection.

Financing: The buyer may make the offer conditional upon obtaining financing.

Navigating the Conditional Period: During this period, if the buyer identifies issues they perceive as negative, they may choose to renegotiate the price or withdraw from the deal altogether.


Why Work With Us?

We don’t believe in cookie cutter services because every home is unique and every owner requires a different level of assistance to make the selling process smooth and efficient. For this reason, our services are uniquely crafted for each and every client depending on their needs. Here is a list of our most used services:

Ready to get started? Connect with us and let’s talk about your goals for selling your home.